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The Guidoni Group has been developing a set of strategic initiatives towards the materialization of the 2025 vision, which consists of: “To be a company with exponential growth, operating in the global market for coating materials and solutions, being a reference in management, innovation and sustainability” . The exponential growth is supported by expansion and efficiency, the Group has three industrial parks and two showrooms.

Group Brazil

Guidoni's head office is located in São Domingos do Norte, in Brazil. In the industrial complex, the first quartz factory in Latin America is installed, inaugurated in 2016. For many years, the entire natural stone processing industry has been operating there: transformation of blocks into slabs, from slabs into cutouts, among others. In addition to the processing of natural rocks, at this headquarters we also have the Quartz Milling Factory and the Training Center for Young Apprentices.

Structure: 2 lines
Size: Jumbo


  • general flat colors
  • Handmade Calacattas (deep and thick veins)
  • carraras

Capacity: 180 slabs per day
Main port: Porto de Vitória
Jumbo dimensions: 127.95″ x 63.77″ /3.25m x 1.62m 
Thickness: 20mm and 30mm


Group USA

In 2019 Guidoni acquired a new plant with 250,000 m² of area and 70,000 m² of covered area in the city of McRae, state of Georgia. New high-tech equipment and machinery from the line were acquired for this plant, which will have four monochromatic and multicolored lines, and will also have robots for the manufacture of veined, marbled sheets. The plant started operations in 2021.

  • Machines: Breton
  • Structure: 1 line (stage 1 - 2021)
  • Type Size: Jumbo and Super Jumbo


  • general flat colors
  • Calacattas – Robotize Vein Carrara


  • 650 slabs per day
  • Main port: Savannah
  • Jumbo dimensions: 130″ x 65″
  • Super Jumbo Dimensions: 137” x 79”
  • Thickness: 12mm, 20mm and 30mm

Group Spain

Guidoni has been present in Narón, Spain, since 2015. The plant is focused on developing new colors and patterns. With the implementation of the second line, the production capacity doubled and currently reaches 1,000,000 m² per year. This new line has the most modern and up-to-date equipment and machinery, with production lines for sheets made by robots and the manufacture of Jumbo sheets.

Machines: Breton
Structure: 2 lines
Size Type: Standard and Jumbo


  • general flat colors
  • Calacatta – thin veins
  • Carrara
  • Many colors
  • Natural (Granite appearance)

Capacity: 800 boards per day
Main port: Vigo
Standard dimensions: 120″ x 55″
Jumbo dimensions: 130″x 65″
Thickness: 12mm, 20mm and 30mm

Show room verona

Guidoni maintains a concept showroom in Italy, which expands the Group's operations by receiving visits from architecture and decoration professionals, as well as clients from the European market, offering a unique selection of pieces and greater diversity of materials that are world trends for projects of all styles. Strategically located in the Verona region, the site is a major European hub for the distribution of coatings, in particular marble and granite.

Show room Cachoeiro de Itapemirim

Guidoni maintains a complete distribution center – located in the national pole of marble and granite in Cachoeiro do Itapemirim – offering in the city a complete exhibition of its various materials of natural stone and Topzstone. The site is prepared to receive distributors and customers from the market and has space for loading materials and shipping throughout Brazil.